Tower of Babel effect on Catholics

At the “Shrine of Saint Bernadette” Catholic church, I attended the 11am Mass, and after Mass, I met a 30+ year old man who was sexually abuse by Father Perro. He asked me to speak with him after mass. I did, and there were others interesting in the documents of the pedophile priest that I had in my hands. I was speaking about the pedophile priest that I had in my home to some of the people. A man asked me to leave, and that same man grabbed my arm, and I asked him to let go of me. He let go of me, and as I left, he followed me outside the doors. I continued to speak to people about the pedophile priest who was in my home. The same man asked me to leave the premises. I said that I was a parishioner, and I had the right to speak about this to people who would listen. This was the same man who grabbed me inside, and who followed me outside. He again grabbed my arm, and again I said, “take your hand off of me”. He did, but he then left and got another person involved who was a guard named Jan Dickerson. He guards and  watches cars in the parking lot to guard against break-ins of the cars during mass, and he came over to me, dressed like a school guard with a visible yellow vest. He started waving a police black flashlight right in front of my face, and in his other hand he had pepper spray. He threatened me with the pepper spray, saying that if I didn’t leave he was going to use it. I asked about the flashlight, because he looked like he was going to hit me with it. He said, “no, I am not going to hit you with it, first, I am going to push you. He did, and then he preceded to push me again. On the second push he blasted my eyes, my nose and my mouth with pepper spray. I fell on one knee, because I couldn’t breathe, and the pepper spray began to sting my eyes, and Mr. Dickerson grabbed me from behind. He grabbed the neck of my suit, and shirt from the back while I was on the ground, holding me down as tightly as he could. They knew I was recording, so Mr. Dickerson was very careful not to talk, but the recording shows that I only spoke, and he admits to spraying me. There were three men involved, and the one who first grabbed me inside says in beginning of the video, “Who had the pepper spray?”, and later in the video, I point him out with a caption of what he said. The second man who says in the beginning of the film, “sir, this is not a place to speak”, proves that I was just speaking. He is the gladiator who is a spectator. The third and final person is Jan Dickerson who pushed me twice, and assaulted me, using the pepper spray on me. I couldn’t breathe from the pepper spray, and kept spitting out mucus from my mouth. My nose was very runny, and my eyes were blurred, and I was choking from it being in my throat. I started recording from the point that Jan Dickerson pepper sprayed me, and you can hear one of the guys involved say, “he is recording it”. Mr. Dickerson hit my right wrist with the flashlight to try and knock my iPhone out of my hand, but it did stop the recording, so I had to restart the recording again. Mr. Dickerson also tried to reach down and physically grab my iPhone with his free hand several times, but he did take my papers that was on the pedophile priest that I was showing people, and the policeman gave me those papers back that visibly shows the pepper spray on them. He took the papers out of my hands forcefully, and would not give them back to me. He looks extremely violent on the camera. There are very clear pictures of this guard, “Jan Dickerson” who is on the film. I captured the two other people who were part of this, on the film also. The person who has a jacket covered in medals is one person, the second person is watching it who I call the gladiator, and the third and final person is Jan Dickerson. Some of the incident took place within the Church, and the man identified with the patches/medals is the who grabbed my arm twice, and let me go twice. The rest of the incident happened right outside the doors of the church. The first incident inside the church is also the man who says in the video, “Who had the pepper spray?” When Mr. Jan Dickerson did what he did, that is when the police were called. It was a very violent experience. The police finally came, and Jan Dickerson gave the policeman back my papers who gave them back to me. I ended up in Kaseman hospital, and that is when extreme pain kicked in, that almost passed caused me to pass out. I was asking for something to help my heart, because I couldn’t breath. They severe pain was from my eyes. There were about 4 nurses attending to me, and a doctor was called immediately. The pain lasted about 1 minute or 2. It was horrible. To give you a comparison of the pain with other pain that I have experienced, one time my wife took me to the hospital, because I was passing a kidney stone, and this pepper spray pain almost made me pass out, but the kidney stone did not reach the threshold of pain that this pepper spray reached. I sent you Christine and the newsteam an invite on DROPBOX. The pictures and video are there. There is a police report on this, it is Case#-AP180108324. I won’t be able to get that police report for 10 days, but when I do, I will file against these people at that time. The laws have changed considerably. I was visibly a mess from this incident, and though three people victimized me, and two of them assaulted me, no one was arrested. When I get the report in 10 days, I guess that is when an arrest can be made if they told the truth. I do not know what they told the police officers who were asking them questions. There were 2 police cars with 2 police in each car, and police officer Chad Stuart was with me. I did not get the other officers names.


If there are any other questions that you have for me, please let me know. I won’t be going to Saint Bernadette’s that I am a registered parishioner of. I even have a security key to get into a room where that have 24 hours exposition of Our Lord Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

The link below provides pictures and video footage of the incident.